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Fused Art Glasses
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Inka Glass Tile
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Fusion Art Glass

Fusion Art Glass is designed and intended to be both a decorative and
functional form of tableware. fusionartglass.net introduces these
beautifully designed pieces of art glass to you at a reasonable price
everyone can benefit from.

How we make this is that by melting 2 pieces of glass together,
sealing the lead free paint between the two panes, this gift ware
becomes virtually eternal. The process of fusion creates lively colors
which will never damage or fade, while protecting your art glass to last
a lifetime.

Fusion Art Glass features
  • an array of decorative designs and styles. Each of the designs
    is offered in various shaped plates, bowls, and serving trays.
  • food and dishwasher safe
  • microwaveable!
Square Wavy Dish
Glass has been used in human kinds life for millenniums.
We believe our experienced artists will explore your heart's
hidden corners to satisfy your eager to art of glass.
Our artist's ability to create more designs are unlimited. You can
even show your heart's way to them and inspire them to create your
own designs.

What ever you see in this website is made by our artists. This is only to
show you what we can create. The choices are unlimited.
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